single pre-rolled flower

single pre-rolled flower

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Hand-rolled with love CBD joints. For those wanting fast, effective and convenient relief. Each pre-roll contains 1 Gram of your choice of flower. Feel free to choose whichever flower works best for you- let us do the hard part!

Can't decide which strain to choose? Check out our descriptions below!

Sweetened: MACRuDan customers swear by this strain for those suffering from lack of sleep, insomnia, narcolepsy or simply intense pre-sleep anxiety. This bud is extremely abundant in THCa and CBDa but also contains THCV, CBD, Δ8-THC, CBGa, and CBCa. Imagine being whisked away on a cloud of cotton candy up into the night sky- that's this strain.

Cherry Wine: This sweet, slightly tangy bud is hailed as a great morning and night-time smoke by MACRuDan customers. Containing large amounts of CBCa and THCa, this girl just wants to make you feel at-ease; like you're ready to take a bubble bath or simply, survive a dinner with your in-laws. This bud can help you maintain balance throughout your day and have you relaxed and decompressed through the night.

Tennessee Gold: This gorgeous flower was proudly named Tennessee Gold for a reason. Using the word "unique" to describe this strain simply feels inadequate. This bud contains an incredibly diverse cannabinoid profile full of THCa, CBDa, CBD, CBDVa, CBDV, CBGa, and CBL. If you're seeking an effective antipsychotic, or relief of extreme anxiety, this could be the bud for you. Along with effective anxiety relief, our customers claim this strain can also assist with moderate inflammation, moderate to severe pain, reduction in digestive sensitivities, and a general sense of well-being. Originating from Oregon, we can deeply understand why we feel like we're breathing crisp air on top of a mountain after smoking this beauty.

Franklin: This flower is abundant in sweet and earthy terpenes. Boasting a diverse cannabinoid profile abundant in CBD, THCa, CBG, THCV, CBC, and Δ9-THC. This girl will make you want to drink your kale smoothie, get you a Swedish massage, and make your day (or night) a beautiful one. One of our friendlier strains, she's perfect for first-time users and those wanting to dip their toes into the welcoming world of cannabis.

Baox: If we could rename this strain, our team agrees it would be called "Wake Up Happy." This bud is, in particular, a very happy and euphoric strain. Hailing from the fertile mountains of Colorado, our customers love this strain for daily wellness care. Containing CBDa, THCa, CBD, CBGa and CBCa, this girl is your ultimate mood, and health balancer. MACRuDan customers claim to feel general pain and inflammation relief.

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