full spectrum, broad spectrum & isolates

Products are predominantly categorized to distinguish which compounds are present. CBD oil is generally categorized as: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or as an Isolate. While all have been shown to have medicinal qualities, they are individually used for very different reasons. Truth be told, one in particular is believed to be more beneficial than the others!



An isolate is created by "isolating" one compound from the cannabis plant. Consuming an isolate has one or two very specific benefits but is not nearly as beneficial as consuming full spectrum products. Individual phytocannabinoids have unique benefits and should be used to address specific concerns.

broad spectrum

Broad spectrum products have far less phytocannabinoids than full spectrum- the main plus for many people is the lack of THC (psychoactive in large quantities). The down side to consuming Broad Spectrum products is that you will receive less medicinal benefits due to your body's inability to induce the "Entourage Effect" (check out Our Process to learn more).

full spectrum

Full spectrum means that the product contains a diverse profile of phytocannabinoids along with other beneficial compounds - meaning, you're body's gonna thank you for this. In addition to a wider range of phytocannabinoids, full spectrum products also contain terpenes, proteins, and amino acids: all of which have been shown to enhance your body's overall well-being and functionality. Full spectrum is by far the most beneficial method of absorption into the body.


why choose full spectrum?

All cannabinoids work synergistically. This means that, like humans, they work better together! Without a doubt, Full Spectrum is better for your body in general!

2015 brought some awesome research. Scientists discovered that, in comparison to Isolates, Full Spectrum hemp extract worked more effectively at providing relief to patients. Click the link below to explore the study!

more on full spectrum

Explore the different types of CBD products with our owner in this YouTube video! This should help explain why full spectrum is superior to other CBD oils on the market.

your body deserves the best

Deciding which form of CBD to use is completely dependent on you as an individual. Reflect on your needs and know that each form of CBD is beneficial. At MACRuDan, we believe that, in this case, more is truly better. Having a wide spectrum of cannabinoids enables your body to heal more completely. Don't just take our word for it- try it for yourself and find out if Full Spectrum CBD Oil is best for your body!